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is a scientific organization that promotes phycology, the study of algae, and fosters phycological research and education.

Services, supplies, and software for the orchid enthusiast.

The seaweed site includes: information on the biology of algae (with emphasis on second-level teaching); access to databases on algae including titles of papers published in most of the major journals; how to subscribe to ALGAE-L, a bulletin board for phycologists and access to a database of messages posted to it in the past three years; access to checklists and further databases of information on the benthic algae of the North Atlantic; instructions for authors of phycological journals; pictures of marine algae and of Ireland; commercial information on marine algae including the International Seaweed Association and its activities; and much more.

The purpose of the Association, founded at the Seventh International Botanical Congress in Stockholm on July 18, 1950, is to carry out the projects of interest and concern to systematic biologists, especially those which require or profit from international cooperation. This it has achieved with distinction for almost half a century.

IAPT is dedicated to organismal biodiversity the extent, recognition, organization, evolution, and naming of plants and fungi, both living and fossil. To those wishing to be at the forefront of these issues, membership in IAPT will be rewarding. The IAPT maintains the International Bureau for Plant Taxonomy and Nomenclature, and engages in a wide range of activities consistent with its focus.

The Association constitutes the Section for Plant Taxonomy of the Internation Union of Biological Sciences (IUBS).

The EBHL group is an association to promote and facilitate co-operation and communication between those working in botanical and horticultural libraries, archives and related institutions in Europe. "Europe" is interpreted in the widest sense to include countries within and outside the European Union (EU.
The "Section Phycology" is one of five sections of the German Botanical Society (Deutsche Botanische Gesellschaft). Its members work on taxonomy, ecology, physiology and molecular biology of micro- and macroalgae. The webside serves as a starting point for people interested in the section and the world of algae in general. (The webpages are only available in German at present)

OrchidWire is an up-to-date and comprehensive directory of orchid resources available on the web. Features include fast link searching, geographically ordered index system, main page thumbnails, and a dynamic, user-driven, ratings system.
Unique gardens with a collection of more than 6000 plant species in six sections representing landscapes from all over the world. The gardens are located in western Jerusalem (Israel) neighbouring the Hebrew University Campus in Giv'at Ram. The main colelctions are bulb, oak, wild fruit trees, Mediterranean annuals and Australian and south African trees. Our main interests are preservation, research, education and tourism.

This is the internet homepage of a new emerging German Orchid Society for orchid friends, professionals, cultivars, and scientists from Germany, Europe and all over the world. At communal meetings we share information with each other, as orchid friends and lovers, about the origin, the keeping of, care, propagation and protection of orchids in nature und culture. We further our knowledge in discussions, and through the introduction of flowering plants, lectures, travel reports from the tropics, trips to local orchid locations and other things pertaining to the orchids. Publications, essays and reports about orchids by our members will be found in our own Literature - Searchengine.

The World Orchid Iconography, maintained by the Swiss Orchid Foundation, currently contains about 43.000 pictures with updated nomenclature from all over the world. The orchid species are virtually available either as herbarium specimens, hand-coloured drawings or photographs. This picture library is an important instrument for scientists, non-professionals, enthusiasts and cultivators worldwide in order to get access to visual and nomenclature information on orchids. Furthermore all visitors of the website of the Foundation have free access to the *BibliOrchidea*, a comprehensive database with 140.000 records and thus 80% of the worldwide available orchid literature. This database is maintained and continuously updated by the famous orchidologist Dr. Rudolph Jenny.

Rosi's Fern - Homepage
This is the bilingual (German / English) homepage of Rosi Möller, author of the widely known 'Fern-CD'. It offers much interesting information and many links.