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Newman, W. A. and A. Ross

Antarctic cirripedia: Monographic account based on specimens collected chiefly under the U. S. Antarctic Research Program. 1971. (Antarctic Research Series 14). 257 p.
Acknowledgments/ Introduction/ Historical Account/ Biogeographical Acount (Paleogeography/ Contempory Biogeography)/ Materials and Methods/ Systematic Account (Key to Recent Antarctic Cirripeds/ Order Ascothoracica Lacaze-Duthiers/ Order Acrothoracica Gruvel/ Order Thoracica Darwin/ Order Rhizocephala Mueller/ Appendices (Localities and Bathymetry of Previously Known Antarctic Cirripedia/ Summary of Stations Yielding Specimens Covered in This Study/ Eltanin Cirripedia Listed According to Station/ Eltanin Cirripedia Listed According to Depth/ Bathymetric Distribution for Sampling Devices Used during Eltanin Expeditions Covered in This Report)/ References (6 p.)/ Glossary/ Indices (Systematic/ Subject).
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