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Book ID:  001672
Bibliotheca Mycologica

Volume 068: Remler,Paula: Ascomyceten auf Ericaceen in den Ostalpen. 1979. 18 figs. II, 322 p. gr8vo. Paper bd. (ISBN 978-3-7682-1248-9)
The parasitic and saprophytic ascomycetes on aerial parts on the species of the Ericaceae (and the genus Empetrum) in the Eastern Alps are treated. In the general part technical problems connected with the study are explained and systematic position, biology, host specifity and ecology of the Ascomycetes on Ericaceae are discussed. The special part is beginning with a key to the species as well as keys to the taxa on different hosts. All together descriptions of 94 species founded on own collections are given.
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