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Grasses of India, Burma and Ceylon (excluding Bambusaceae). London 1960. 80 full-page line-drawings. XVII,767 p. Roy8vo. Cloth. Reprint.
The book is the best available on the subject. It is the work of an acknowledged authority and replaces volume 7 of Dr.J.D.Hooker's Flora of British India, which is now in many ways out of date. The main object is to provide, in a volume of reasonable size, the means of determining the numerous species (including introductions) which comprise the grass flora of the subcontinent of India (consisting of East and West Pakistan and India proper or Bharat), Burma and Ceylon, to give the currently accepted names of the species and their synonyms, and to supply other information which may be useful to those studying the group, and in particular to indicate those lines of resarch into the taxonomy of the family, which are at present pursued. - Some additions and corrections have been made to the reprint.
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