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Book ID:  002037
Arx, J.A. von

The Genera of Fungi Sporulating in Pure Culture.3rd fully rev.ed. 1981. (Reprint 2003). 99 figs. 424 p. gr8vo. Hardcover. (ISBN 978-3-7682-0693-8)
Contents(partim): Preface/ Introd./ The natural classification of the fungi/ Postscript to the keys and lists of genera/ Key to the orders of fungi/ Plasmodiophorales/ Chytridiales/ Blastocladiales/ Monoblepharidales/ Hyphochytridiales/ Oomycetales/ Mucorales and Kickxellales/ Entomophthorales/ Endomycetales/ Candidaceae/ Sporobolomycetales/ Taphrinales/ Exobasidiales/ Ustilaginales/ Pezizales/ Helotiales/ Phacidiales/ Eurotiales/Sphaeriales/ Dothideales/ Sphaeropsidales/ Melanconiales/ Moniliales/ References/ Index to genera.
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