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Plant Sociology. The Study of Plant Communities. Translated, revised and edited by George D.Fuller and Henry S.Conard. 1932. (Reprint 1983). 180 figs. 42 tabs. XVIII,439 p. gr8vo. Bound. (ISBN 978-3-87429-208-5).
Contents (main headings only): The Basis of Social Life Among Plants/ The Organization of Plant Communities/ Synecology or Community Economics/ Syngenetics/ Synchorology/ Systematics of Phytosociology/ Bibliography (28 pages)/ Index. - Dr.Braun-Blanquet's work is a milestone on the road to an adequate knowledge of vegetation. Not only biologists but geographers as well will find the principles formulated in this book a reliable guide to that aspect of the earth's surface that is related to plant life. ( Leeuw).
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