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Flora of Kuwait

Volume 1: Dicotyledoneae, revised by Ali Al-Rawi. 1985. 14 line drawings. 248 coloured photographs. XI,224 p. gr8vo. Cloth.
Contents. Preface/Acknowledgements/Foreword by Professor A.Kabarity/ Location, climate, topography/Vegetation/Classification of the flora of the world/Class Angiospermae/Subclass I Dicotyledoneae/Description of the families/Index of the families/Index of botanical names. This is the first of two volumes of a study of the flora of Kuwait, the result of many years of painstaking research. When complete, The Flora of Kuwait will be the standard field guide and reference work for the region. It is based on the work of Professor Hazim Daoud, who died in 1976 whilst involved in this major project. The draft was prepared for publication by Professor Ali Al-Rawi, who has also supplied supplement. data. This first volume introduces the families of the Dicotyledonous plants, with the exception of the Compositae family. - Second hand copy. Good condition.
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