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Book ID:  002795
Dennis, Richard William George

British Ascomycetes.4th rev.and enlarged edition.1981.(Reprint 2000). 75 (44 coloured) plates.XXVI,544 p. gr8vo. Cloth. (ISBN 978-3-7682-0552-8)
Contents:Introduction (Characters Used in Classification of the Ascomycetes,Techniques in the Field, Techniques at Home, Economic Importance, Annotated List of Useful Books)/ Description of Genera and Species: Euascomycetes (Pezizales,Tuberales, Taphrinales, Protomycetales , Helotiales, Phacidiales, Lecanorales, Ostropales, Clavicipitales, Sphaeriales, Coronophorales, Plectascales)/ Loculoascomycetes (Myriangales, Dothideales, Pleosporales, Hysteriales, Hemisphaerales).- This book offers an extensive taxonomic revision,especially in the Loculoascomycetes. All the species figured in the last edition have been retained,but some plates have been redrawn and new blocks prepared. 77 species and 36 genera in addition to the 1968 edition.
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