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Flora of Iraq

Ed. E. Guest, C.C. Townsend a.oth. Volume 008: Monocotyledones excluding Gramineae. (Hutchinson, 1959). 1985. 9 distr. maps. 92 pls. 1 IX,440 p. gr8vo. Paper bd.
Contents (partly): Butomaceae/ Hydrocharitaceae/ Alismataceae/ Juncaginaceae/ Potamogetonaceae/Ruppiaceae/Zannichelliaceae/Najadaceae/ Musaceae/Cannaceae/ Liliaceae/Ruscaceae/Araceae/Lemnaceae/Sparganiaceae/ Typhaceae /Amaryllidaceae/ Iridaceae/Dioscoreaceae/ Palmae/Orchidaceae/ Juncaceae/Cyperaceae/ Nomenclatural changes in this volume/Index to Botanical Names.
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