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Book ID:  004074
Flora Zambesiaca

Volume 007, part 01: Escalloniaceae, Crassulaceae, Valerianaceae, Dipsacaceae & Goodeniaceae-Salvadoraceae. 1983. 1 col. plate. 89 pls. (line-drawings). 394 p. gr8vo. Paper bd.
List of new names and taxa published in this work: Lobelia trullifolia (subsp. minor Thulin, subsp. nov./ subsp. pinnatifida Thulin, subsp. nov./ subsp. rhodesica (R.E.Fr.) Thulin, comb.nov.)/ Lobelia flaccida (subsp. mossiana (R.Good) Thulin, comb.nov.)/ Lobelia fervens (subsp. recurvata (E.Wimmer) Thulin, comb.nov.)/ Cyphia mafingensis Thulin, sp. nov./ Cyphia brummittii Thulin, sp.nov. - List of families included in volume 4, part 1: Escalloniaceae, Crassulaceae, Valerianaceae, Dipsacaceae, Goodeniaceae, Campanulaceae, Sphenocleaceae, Lobeliaceae, Ericaceae, Plumbaginaceae, Primulaceae, Myrsinaceae, Sapotaceae, Ebenaceae, Oleaceae, Loganiaceae, Salvadoraceae.
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