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HARRIS, Graham P.

Photosynthesis, productivity and growth: The physio- logical ecology of phytoplankton. 1978. (Archiv f.Hydrobiologie, Beih. 10). 27 figs. 4 tabs. 171 p. gr8vo. Paper bd.
Contents: Introduction/ The structure and function of the photosynthetic apparatus/ In vivo fluorescence/ The effect of light intensity and quality on the structure and composition of the photosynthetic apparatus/ Electron transport, action spectra and the quantum yield of photosynthesis/ Light absorption and the light-limited rate of photosynthesis/ Photosynthetic carbon fixation/ Carbohydrate metabolism/ Induction phenomena and the effects of temperature/ Glycolate metabolism/ Photorespiration/ Respiration/ The effects of temperature on the rate of respiration/ Methods (Oxygen techniques, Carbon techniques)/ Photoinhibition/ Photosynthesis at saturating irradiances/ Diel patterns of photosynthetic activity/ Photosynthetic control: Light saturation and transients/ etc./ Bibliography (p. 128-171).
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