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Tuberous Begonias: Origin and development. 1979. 120 figs. XV,268 p. Lex8vo. Bound. (ISBN 978-3-7682-1219-9 )
Contents: Preface/ Illustration/ Introduction/ Aims and problems/ Discovery of the Begonias/ Survey of the Begoniaceae/ Species involved in the development of hybrids/ Tuberous Begonia hybrids/ The large- flowered group/ Suitability for bedding out/ Development of cultivars that come true from seed: Seed propagation/ Begonia "Marmorata"/ Picotee group/ Fimbriata Group/ Crispa Group: Marginata Group: Crispa-Marginata Group/ Cristata Group/ Cultivars with a striped perianth/ Marmorata cultivars/ Narcissiflora Group/ Duplex Group: Maxima Group/ Bertinii Compacta Group/ Pendula Group/ Bertinii Group/ Multiflora Group/ Grandiflora Compacta Group/ Miscellaneous/ Chronological survey/ Biographical notes/ References.
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