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Book ID:  005682
IRVINE, D.E.G. and J.H.PRICE (eds.)

Modern Approaches to the Taxonomy of Red and Brown Algae. 1978. (Spec. Vol. 10, System.Assoc.). illus. XII,484 p. gr8vo. Cloth.
Second hand copy.- Proceedings of an International Symposium to evaluate the taxonomical potential of new data emerging from recent researches. - Contents (partim): Preface/ Taxonomy of Red and Brown Algae, A.D.Boney/ Haemaglutinins in British Marine Algae and their Possible Taxonomic Value, G.Blunden, D.J.Rogers and W.F.Farnham/ Do the Polysaccharides of Brown and Red Seaweeds Ignore Taxonomy?, E.Percival/ The Importance of Cell Wall Constituents in Algal Taxonomy, E.L.McCandles/ Parasitic Red Algae: An Appraisal, L.V.Evans, J.A.Callow and M.E.Callow/ The Importance of Sporangia in the Classification of the Florideophyceae, M.D.Guiry/ The Application of Cytology to Taxonomy of Red and Brown Algae, F.Magne/ The Role of Transmission Electron Microscopy in Eludicating the Taxomony and Phylogeny of the Rhodophyta, J.G.Duckett and M.C.Peel/ An Introduction to the Scanning Electron Microscopy of Red Algae, D.J.Garbary/ Investigation of the Taxonomic Relationships amongst Epiphytic, Crustose Corallinaceae, Y.M.Chamberlain/ Hybridization in Red Algae, J.Rueness/ Ecological Determination of Adult Form in Callithamnion: Its Taxonomic Implications, J.H.Price/ Criteria Used in Systematic Studies in the Sphacelariales, W.F.Prud'homme van Reine/ The Application of Computers to the Identification of the Phaeophyta, R.J. Pankhurst and I.Tittley/ Environment and Form in the Discrimination of Taxa in Brown Algae, G.Russell/ Studies on the family Ralfsiaceae (Phaeophyta) around the British Isles, R.L.Fletcher/ Active Speciation in the Taxonomy of the Genus Cystoseira C.Ag., M.Roberts/ Experimental and Numerical Taxonomy of the Laminariales: A Review, A.R.O.Chapman)/ Author Index/ Taxonomic Index/ Chemical Index/ Subject Index.
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