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Ecology, Phytogeography and Taxonomy of the Japanese Charophyta. 1954. 66 figs. 41 pls. 234 p. gr8vo. Paper bd. (Reprint Koenigstein 1977). (ISBN 978-3-87429-126-2)
From the contents: General Part: History/ Distribution and dispersal (Phytogeographical view/ Dispersal/ Seasonal distribution)/ Ecology (Historical/ Types of waters/ Gases in water/ Depth and light/ Temperature/ Cl-contents of the waters/ Ca-contents of the waters/ Soluble organic substance/ Hydrogen-ion concentration of waters/ Edaphic factors/ Aquatic community/ Parasitic fungi/ Elevations)/ Economy/ Characeae, their systematic rank and classification (Historical/ Alliance of Charophyta/ Principle of classification)/ Dredging and preservation of Charophyta (Dredging/ Preservation/ Determination)/ Taxonomical Part: A. Nitelleae (Gen. 1.Nitella: Key to the species and varieties/ Nitella opaca Agardh/ Nitella paucicostata Allen/ Nitella flexilis Agardh/ Nitella acuminata A.Braun/ Nitella Allenii Imahori/ Nitella stricta Imahori/ Nitella crispa Imahori/ Nitella pulchella Allen/ Nitella spinosa Imahori/ Nitella Shinii Imahori/ Nitella sejuncta Imahori/ Nitella Horikawae Imahori/ Nitella flagelliformis A. Braun/ Nitella flagellifera Groves & Allen/ Nitella confervacea A.Braun/ Nitella tenuissima Kuetzing/ Nitella pusilla Imahori/ Nitella multipartita Allen/ Nitella dimorpha Migula/ Nitella stabilis Imahori/ Nitella leptodactyla J.Groves/ Nitella gracillima Allen/ Nitella spiciformis Morioka/ Nitella pseudoflabellata A.Braun/ Nitella oligospira A.Braun/ Nitella expansa Allen/ Nitella axilliformis Imahori/ Nitella axillaris A.Braun/ Nitella sublucens Allen/ Nitella japonica Allen/ Nitella gracilens Morioka/ Nitella erecta Imahori/ Nitella rigida Allen/ Nitella mucronata Miquel/ Nitella graciliformis J.Groves/ Nitella gracilis Agardh/ Nitella Saitoiana Allen/ Nitella inversa Imahori/ Nitella Tanakiana Allen/ Nitella robusta Imahori/ Nitella Moriokae Wood/ Nitella megacarpa Allen/ Nitella microcarpa A.Braun/ Nitella Tuyamae Imahori/ Nitella hyalina Agardh)/ Gen. 2 Tolypella (Tolypella gracilis Imahori)/ B: Chareae: Gen. 3. Chara: Key to the species and varieties/ Chara Braunii Gmelin/ Chara corallina Willdenow/ Chara Benthamii A. Braun/ Chara gymnopitys A.Braun/ Chara delicatula Agardh/ Chara globularis Thuiller/ Chara sejuncta A.Braun/ Chara zeylanica Willdenow)/ Bibliography/ Plates I-XLI/ A Glossary of terms used in studying Charophyta.
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