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Book ID:  006766
Lee, Yong No

Manual of the Korean Grasses, Excluding Bambuseae. 1966. (2nd printing 1996). 7 pls. Many line - drawings. 300 p. Cloth. - In English.
Contents(partly): Family Gramineae: (Tribe Arundinelleae/ Genus/ Tribe Isachne/ Genus/ Tribe Paniceae/ Tribe Andropogoneae/ Tribe Maydeae)/ Subfam. Oryzoideae (Tribe Oryzeae)/ Subfam. Festucoideae (Tribe Triticeae/ Tribe Aveneae/ Tribe Phalarideae/ Tribe Festuceae/ Tribe Meliceae/ Tribe Diarrheneae/ Tribe Phaenospermeae/ Tribe Brachyelytreae/ Tribe Stipeae/ Tribe Agrostideae)/ Subfam. Arundinoideae (Tribe Centotheceae/ Tribe Arundineae)/ Subfam. Eragrostideae (Tribe Chlorideae/ Tribe Eragrostideae/ Tribe Zoysieae)/ Appendix 1. Native grasses for livestock/ 2. Introductory grasses/ Bibliography/ Glossary/ Index for scientific name and common name/ Index for Korean name.
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