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Book ID:  007856
Piers, Frank

Orchids of East Africa. 2nd rev. ed. 1968. (Reprint 1984). 2 coloured plates. 116 figs. 1 map. VIII, 304 p. gr8vo. Paper bd.
Contents (partly): Preface/ List of Illustrations/ Introduction (The Ecological and Geographical Distribution of East African Orchids/ Classification and Nomenclature/ The Cultivation of East African Orchids/ List of Species Recommended for Cultivation/ Bibliography)/ Descriptive Part: Habenaria/ Bonatea- Brachycorythis- Cynorchis- , Holothrix- Platycoryne- Roeperocharis/ Disa- Satyrium- Disperis/ Epipactis- Vanilla- Note on further genera of the Neottieae tribe/ Liparis- Oberonia- Ancistrochilus- Calanthe/ Bulbophyllum- Cirrhopetalum / Polystachya/ Neobenthamia- Stolzia- Genyorchis/ Ansellia/ Eulophia/ Pteroglossaspis- Graphorkis (Eulophiopsis)- Eulophidium/ Monopodial Orchids: The Sarcanthinae- Acampe- The Angraecoids/ Angraecoid Orchids, Part 1: (Aerangis- Ancistrorynchus- Angraecum- Bolusiella- Calyptrochilum- Chamaeangis- Cyrtorchis)/ Angraecoid Orchids, Part 2: (Diaphananthe- Eggelingia- Eurychone- Leptocentrum- Listrostachys- Microcoelia- Mystacidium- Nephrangis- Podangis- Rangaeris- Sarcorynchus- Solenangis- Sphyrarynchus- Triceratorynchus- Tridactyle- Ypsilopus)/ Saphrophytic Orchids: Epipogium- Nervilia- Eulophia galeoloides)/ Index.
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