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Book ID:  008024
POLHILL,R.M. and P.H.RAVEN (eds.)

Advances in Legume Systematics. 2 volumes. 1981. (Intern. Legume Conference, Kew 24-29 July, 1978, Pro- ceedings). figs. maps. XVI,1049 p. gr8vo. Paper bd.
Part 3 of this title is under the author " Stirton,Chalres H. ". - Volume 1 forms a supplement to HUTCHINSON'S "Genera of Flowering Plants". (Contents: Caesalpinioideae, Key to tribes of Caesalpinioideae, An automated system of generic descriptions for Caesalpinioideae, and its application to classification and key-making, Caesalpinieae, Cassieae, Cercideae, Detarieae, Amherstieae, Mimoisoideae, Key to tribes of Mimosoideae, Parkieae, Mimozygantheae, Mimoseae, Acacieae, Ingeae, Papilionoideae, Key to tribes of Papilionoideae, Swartzieae, Sophoreae, Dipteryceae, Dalbergieae, Abreae, Tephrosieae, New World Lonchocarpinae, Robinieae, Indigoferae, Disemodieae, Phaseoleae, Taxonometric study of the Phaseolus-Vigna complex and related genera, Psoraleae, Amorpheae, Sesbanieae, Aeschynomeneae, Adesmieae, Galegeae, Carmichaelieae, Hedysareae, Loteae, Coronilleae, Vicieae, Cicereae, Trifolieae, Brongniartieae, Mirbelieae, Bossiaceae, Podalyrieae, Liparieae, Crotolarieae, Euchresteae, Thermopsideae, Genisteae). Volume 2 contains special aspects.
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