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RAI, Hakumat (ed.)

The measurement of photosynthetic pigments in fresh- waters and standardization of methods. Proceedings of the Workshop held at Ploen, W.Germany, July 28/29, 1978, organized by Max-Planck-Institut fuer Limnologie, Abt. Tropenoekologie. 1980. (Arch.f.Hydrobiol., Beih. 14, Ergebn.d.Limnologie, Heft 14). illustr. 106 p. gr8vo. Paper bd.
Introd./ Rai, H.: Some problems in determination of photosynthetic pigments and their decomposition products/ Nusch, E.A.: Comparison of different methods for chlorophyll and phaeopigment determination/ Rott, E.: Spectrophotometric and chromatographic chlorophyll analysis: comparison of results and discussion of the trichomatic method/ Lenz,J. and Fritsche, P.: The estimation of chlorophyll in a water sample. A comparative study on retention in a glass-fibre and membrane filter and on the reliability of two storage methods/ Marker, A., Crowther, C.A. and R.J.M.Gunn: Methanol and acetone as solvents for estimating chlorophyll A and phaeopigments by spectrophotometry/ Riemann, B.: A note on the use of methanol as an extraction solvent for chlorophyll A determination/ Staub, E.: Two chromatographic separation methods for chlorophyll analysis: TLC and its transformation to modern HPLC (abstract)/ Tolstoy, A.: Information on the standardization of pigment methodology in Nordic countries/ Marker, A.F.H.: A note on the extraction of chlorophyll from benthic algae using methanol/ Marker, A.F.H., Nusch, E.A., Rai, H. and B.Riemann: The measurement of photosynthetic pigments in freshwaters and standardization of methods: Conclusions and recommendations.
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