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Volume 3: Lack, D.: Island Biology Illustrated by the Land Birds of Jamaica. 1976. 14 pls. 58 figs. 48 tabs. XVI,445 p. gr8vo. Cloth.
Contents: Preface/ Acknowledgements/ Foreword/ A theory of island avifaunas/ Jamaican background/ Habitats of Jamaican land birds/ Competition for food/ Stability of the avifauna/ Hummingbirds of the West Indies or are all the niches filled/ Geographical displacement/ Comparison of Jamaica with Cuba and Hispaniola/ Origin of Jamaican land birds/ Notes on the Lesser Antilles/ The West Indian avifauna/ The wintering warblers/ The other land organisms/ Some other islands/ Tropical mountain birds/ Conclusions/ Ecology and systematics of Jamaican landbirds/ Introduction/ Appendices/ References/ Index.
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