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The Dinophyceae of the Indian Seas.Part 2:Family Peridiniaceae Schuett emend.Lindemann.1971.(Marine Biol.Ass.India,Mem. 2,pt.2).79 pls.(mainly line drawings).334 p.gr8vo.Bound.
Genus Diplopsalis Bergh/ G.Peridiniopsis Lemmermann/ G.Preperidinium Mangin/ G.Diplopelta Joergensen/ G.Diplopeltopsis Pavillard/ G. Diplosalopsis Meunier/ G.Entzia Lebour/ G.Heterocapsa Stein/ G. Minuscula Lebour/ G.Peridinium Ehrenberg/ Insufficiently known species/ Species recorded from Antarctic, Argentina Sector, possibly occuring in the Indian sector/ Annex 1: Freshwater species/ Taxa Occuring in the Indian Ocean/ Bibliography/ Plates/ Index.
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