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Book ID:  009896
Therezien, A.Coute

Algues d'Eau Douce des Iles Kerguelen et Crozet (a l'exclusion des Diatomees).1977.(Reprint 1982).19 pls.(=line drawings).90 p.4to.Paper bd. (ISBN 978-3-87429-207-8)
Abstract: 361 fresh-water algae taxa are described. Desmids are predominant with 118 different taxa, followed by Chlorococcales (87) and Cyanophyceae (85). Sixteen new species, varieties and formae in the genera Coleodesmium/ Anabaena/ Golenkiniopsis/ Scenedesmus/ Pediastrum/ Zygogonium/ Spirogyra/ Cylindrocystis/ Gonatozygon/ Cosmarium/ Staurodesmus and Staurastrum are proposed. The austral islands endemism seems limited to the 16 new taxa. The floristic composition is very similar to that of arctic islands.
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