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Conspectus Florae Orientalis. An Annotated Catalogue of the Flora of the Middle East

Fasc. 01: Zohary,M., C.C. Heyn and D. Heller: Papaverales to Rosales. 1980 2 maps. 107 p.
The aim of this new publication is to offer the botanist to regain a comprehensive and up-to-date view of the taxa and their distribution throughout the Middle East as a region. In this respect, the conspectus may be considered an annotated catalogue of the plant inventory of the region. Approx. 10 fasc. are scheduled. Information given includes valid name with its citation in the literature, the basionym (where necessary), name used by Boissier, and some of the common synonyms. Local distribution of species and infraspecific taxa, general range of distribution is presented as the chrotype, which characterizes its phytogeographic nature.
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