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Ames,Oakes and Donovan Stewart Correll

Orchids of Guatemala. 2 vols. 1952-1953.(Fieldiana,26:1-2).Reprint 1985. 197 figs.(=line drawings). XIII,727 p. gr8vo. Cloth.
From the preface: The present work brings together for the first time information concerning all the known orchids of Guatemala (and British Honduras), a total of 527 species and 25 varieties in 89 genera. This more than doubles the 238 species given by Hemsley, in 1886-88, as occurring in Guatemala. All of the genera are illustrated, as well as more than one hundred additional species. In view of the extreme richness of the flora of Guatemala, further botanical collecting will unquestionably result in the finding of additional genera and species now not known to occur there.
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