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VANKY, Kalman

Carpathian Ustilaginales. 1985. (Acta Univ. Upsaliensis, Symbolae Botanicae Upsalienses, XXIV:2). 241 figs. 309 p. gr8vo. Paper bound. (Dissertation).
The present work is a taxonomic treatise of the Ustilaginales (Basidiomycetes) in the Carpathian area, including Hungary, parts of Austria, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Romania, the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia. 29 genera and 299 species are treated, of which 26 genera and 235 species, on 418 host plant taxa, have been reported from this area. Criteria, trends and problems in the classification of Ustilaginales on the level of family, genus and species are discussed. Keys to genera and species are given. All species and genera are described in detail; special attention has been paid to symptoms produced on the host plants and to spore morphology (illustrated by microphotographs in LM and SEM). For each species general distribution and occurrence on different host plants within the Carpathian area are given.
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