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DAVIS, P.H. (ed.)

Flora of Turkey and the East Aegean Islands. Volume 010. Supplement. 1988. (Reprint 1997). XXI,590 p. gr8vo. Hardcover.
This supplementary volume brings the treatment of many families and genera up-to-date, by providing accounts of these taxa, plus much additional taxonomic information. 370 species and 101 other taxa, distributed among 207 genera in 65 families, are described, in all the detail made familiar in the earlier volumes. They include Latin descriptions validating the 18 new taxa, and a list of lectotypes and neotypes designated in Volumes 1 to 9. The work includes a synopsis of all families and genera located in the entire ten volumes, according to the taxonomic sequence adopted; citation of recent revisions and monographs published since the group was first treated in Flora of Turkey; an index of Turkish plant chromosome numbers, with brief details of provenance and literature references; twelve statistical tables giving the number of species, subspecies, varieties and hybrids in each family and genus, with details of percentage endemism. The work concludes with an index.
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