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BRAEM, Guido

Paphiopedilum. A monograph of all tropical and subtropical asiatic slipper orchids.1988.113 coloured photographs. 248 p.gr8vo. Bound.-Bilingual (German/English).
Among the most interesting groups of orchids the slipper orchids are most definately outstanding. They have conquered a niche in many different floras of the temperate, tropical and subtropical regions of earth. Their large, sometimes multicoloured and amazingly grotesque flowers have assured them quite a number of friends among the naturalists and bear quite some mysteries not yet solved by the scientists. This book is a treatment of the Asiatic genus Paphiopedilum in the form of a monograph which is suited to satisfy the needs of the amateur naturalist as well as the demands of modern scientific research. The treatise starts with a historical review and a modern systematic treatment of the genus. This is followed by a key to the subgenera, sections and subsections. In the descriptive part, each Subgenus, Section and Subsection is dealt with in general terms including a key to the taxa. Thereafter, for each generic division, all pertaining species and natural hybrids are discussed in detail. For each taxon, the valid taxonomy according to the rules of modern systematics is given as well as a short review of the history of discovery. A detailed description follows and details about the natural habitat are given. Accordingly, some cultural advise is indicated. The most important varieties and all synonyms are listed and discussed. At the end of the book a diagram of the flowering periods and a complete list of synonyms is integrated.
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