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Sculthorpe, C.Duncan

The Biology of Aquatic Vascular Plants.2nd ed. 1971. (Reprint 1985). illustr. XVIII,610 p. gr8vo. Bound. (ISBN 978-3-87429-257-3)
Contents(main headings):The Salient Features of Aquatic Vascular Plants and Aquatic Environment/A Link with Land Plants:The Structure and physiology of Emergent Foliage/Life in two Environments:The Structure & Physiology of Floating Leaves/Life in the Water:The Structure and Physiology of Submerged Organs/Life in the Substrate:The Structure and Physiology of Underground Organs/The Free-Floating Habit/Vegetative Polymorphism and the Problem of Heterophylly/Sexual Reproduction and Natural Affinities/Vegetative Reproduction and Perennation/Some Aspects of the Geography of Aquatic Vascular Plants/The Growth of Hydro- phyte Communities and Their Interaction with the Aquatic Environment/The Problem of Aquatic Weeds/The Control of Aquatic Weeds/The Aesthetic and Economic Value of Aquatic Vascular Plants /Bibliography(58 p.)
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