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Book ID:  032042

Seeds. Their Preservation and Longevity. 1985. (Plant Science Monogr.).Reprint 1992. 13 pls. 52 tabs.XVIII,216 p.gr8vo.Cloth.
Contents: Records of Old Seeds (Egyptian Mummy Wheat)/ Life-Span of Seeds Buried in Soil/ Moisture Effects/ Other Factors Affecting Longevity/ Longevity of Vegetable and Flower Seeds/ Longevity of Seeds of Field Crops/ Longevity of Other Economically Important Seeds/ Longevity of Tree Seeds/ Longevity of Seeds of Aquatic Plants, Etc./ Effect of Packets on Seed Viability/ Methods of Testing for Viability/ Methods of Testing for Viability (contd.)/ Plants from Old Seeds/ Causes of Deterioration/ Practical Considerations/ Glossary/ Bibliography/ Conversion Factors/ Subject Index/ Author Index.
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