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The Inter and Intra-Generic Relationships between Psopho- carpus Spp.and their Allies.1984.(Diss.).Many coloured photos.figs. VI,385 p.gr8vo.Unbound.
Contents:The aim of this study was to produce a classification,firstly of the relationships between the legume genus Psophocarpus and its allies and secondly,between Psophocarpus species.To provide a background and to clarify the problems associated with Psophocarpus taxonomy the taxonomic history of Psophocarpus species and their allies was reviewed. Due to the large number of taxa involved in the investigation(approx.489 species)and that these taxa are endemic to the tropics,practically the investigation was limited to morphological studies of herbarium material gathered from major herbaria.Both phenetic and phylogenetic studies of the material were undertaken.-General Introduction/Taxonomic History of Psophocarpus within the Phaseoleae/An Introduction to Data Gathering and Analysis/Phenetic Character Set Selection/Phenetic Studies Analysis Results/Cladistic Analysis Results/Non-morphological evidence/Proposed Classification and Discussion.
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