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STOVER, Lewis E. and Graham L.WILLIAMS

Analyses of Mesozoic and Ceno- zoic Organic-Walled Dinoflagellates 1977-1985. 1987. (AASP Contr.Ser.,8) more than 85 figs. (line-drawings). 243 p. Lex8vo. In Binder.
The systematic analyses of fossil organic-walled dinoflagellate genera in the style presented first in Stover and Evitt (1978), has proven valuable for comparing genera and summarizing their major morphologic characters. Accordingly, in their analyses of the genera published in the last decade, the authors have followed, with minor modifications, the format of those authors. Of the 111 genera appraised in this publication, the authors recognize 84 as valid dinoflagellate genera, 23 as junior synonyms or homonyms and 2 as belonging to the Acritarcha. In addition, Bejuia is proposed as a new name for the junior homonym Burtonia Beju 1983 (not Burtonia R. Brown 1811) and Gippslandia gen.nov. is established. Line drawings of all valid genera discussed are included, except for Tubulifera. Evaluations and comparisons of more than 200 species resulted in 31 reassignments and other changes as follows: 4 species are considered as junior synonyms, 9 are returned to prior assignments and 18 species are transferred as new combinations to other genera.
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