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Purkayastha,R.P.and Aindrila Chandra

Manual of Indian Edible Mushrooms. 1985.(Internat.Bioscience Monogr.,no.16).30 figs.7 tabs.13 pls.267 p. gr8vo.Cloth.
Contents: Manual of Indian Mushrooms is the only comprehensive guide to Indian Edibe Mushrooms published so far. This book includes descriptions and reports of 281 edible species belonging to different groups of fungi, their synonyms, distribution in India along with a new key to facilitate easy identification of genera. Distinguishing features of edible and poisonous species have been carefully discussed. In addition, detailed cultivation technology of several promising edible mushrooms, their food values have also been incorporated. Diagrams illustrating a large number of edible species, their structural features, excellent photographs, an expanded glossary of terms and local names of common species are some of the attractive features of this edition. An invaluable source of references related to the wide range of topics discussed, makes this book an asset for anybody interested in mushrooms.
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