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Flora of New Zealand

Freshwater Algae, Chlorophyta, Desmids. With ecological comments on their habitats, by Hannah Croasdale and Elizabeth A. Flint. Volume 2: Actinotaenium, Cosmarium, Cosmocladium, Spinocos- marium, Xanthidium. 1988. 34 pls. of line-drawings. 9 coloured plates. 2 coloured end-paper maps. X,147 p. gr8vo. Cloth.
The second volume of three about the Desmids of New Zealand. Continues the illustrated account already published in Flora of New Zealand, Desmids, Volume 1, where Saccoderm and some of the Placoderm desmids were described. The taxonomic section contains descriptions of 267 taxa and keys for identifying them. Genera are arranged systematically but the arrangement of taxa in each genus is alphabetic. Terms used in the descriptions are defined in a glossary and illustrated in text figures. Synonyms are included. Each description is followed by a list of places where the taxon was found in New Zealand, ecological comments and geographical distribution in other parts of the world. Each taxon is illustrated by one or more line drawings, arranged on 34 plates in taxonomic order. The preface is followed by an annotated list of places where the desmids were collected, seven tables with ecological data about some localities and short biographies of four prominent desmidiologists whose work has had a bearing, both direct and indirect, on the study of desmids in New Zealand. There is a comprehensive bibliography and an index.
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