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HOOG, G.S. de, M.Th.SMITH and A.C.M.WEIJMAN (eds.)

The expanding realm of yeast-like fungi. Proceedings of an international symposium on the perspectives of taxonomy, ecology and phylogeny of yeasts and yeast-like fungi, Amersfoort, The Netherlands, 3-7 August 1987. 1987. (CBS Symposia Ser., no. 1, also publ. as Studies in Mycology, no. 30). figs. tabs. 510 p. gr8vo. Hard cover.
Contents (partly): R.Kokke: Fungi, how I see them/ Introduction - G.S. de Hoog: Taxonomic aims in the yeast-like fungi/ A taxonomic survey: J.P. van der Walt: The yeasts - a conspectus/ H.Prillinger: Are there yeasts in Homobasidiomycetes?/ F.Oberwinkler: Heterobasidiomycetes with ontogenetic yeast stages - systematic and phylogenetic aspects/ K.J. Kwon-Chung: Filobasidiaceae - a taxonomic survey/ R.J.Bandoni: Taxonomic overview of the Tremellales/ etc. - Taxonomic methods: R.T.Moore: Micromorphology of yeasts and yeast-like fungi and its taxonomic implications/ K.-D.Jahnke: Assessing natural relationships by DNA analysis techniques and applications/ P.A.Blanz and M.Unseld: Ribosomal RNA as a taxonomic tool in mycology/ G.D.Clark-Walker, P.Hoeben, A.Plazinska, D.K.Smith and E.H.Wimmer: Application of mitochondrial DNA analysis to yeast systematics/ M.Erard, D.Barker and J.Green: Is chromosome condensation a phylogenetic marker?/ etc. - Ecology/ The species problem/ Concluding remarks/ Appendix: G.S. de Hoog: Selected references to genera of yeast-like fungi/ Index.
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