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A survey of the seaweeds of the Aegean Sea with taxo- nomic studies on species of the tribe Antithamnieae (Rhodophyta). 1987. illustr. VII,709 p. gr8vo. Paper bd.
The seaweed vegetation of the Sithonia Peninsula (N. Aegean Sea) was investigated during the years 1980-86 and data on the morphology, taxonomy, nomenclature, ecology and distribution of 265 identified taxa of Rhodophyta, Phaeophyta, and Chlorophyta are presented. More than 80 species are new to the Aegean Sea. Ten species, belonging to the genera Mesophyllum Lemoine, Phymatolithon Foslie, Haematocelis J.Ag., Peyssonnelia Decne, Laurencia Lamour., Chondria C.Ag., Seirospora Harv., Myrionema Grev., Myuriactula O.Kuntze, and Bryopsis Lamour., are provisionally described under their generic names as identification to species level requires critical revision of the genera. A survey of the seaweeds of the Aegean Sea is given for the first time and in this connection many previously recorded taxa are excluded or reduced to synonyms, and two new combinations are made; Spongites notarisii (Dufour) Athanasiadis and Balliella cladoderma (Zanardini) Athanasiadis. It shows that at least 440 recognized species and taxa of lower rank occur, of which about 20% are Mediterranean endemics. Most of the taxa (ca. 78%) have a Mediterranean-Atlantic origin.
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