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Ornamental Plants of Libya. 1988. 41 colour plates. 90 p. 4to. Cloth. - Bilingual (English and Arabian).
Ornamentation of surroundings has developed side by side with the advent of human civilization. People with aesthetic sense would like to use plants with other objects, for interior decoration, as well as enjoy growing ornamental plants in their gardens, roofs, windows and verandahs. Out of about 250.000 flowering plants species, some 1% are commonly known ornamentals, and an equal number are specialized ones, varying from place to place on environmental conditions. A short useful account of 82 ornamental plants commonly planted in the gardens and public parks of Libya. Succulents like cacti, stoneworts, euphorbias and other plants, such as money plant, ferns, asparagi, etc. etc. are also cultivated for indoor decoration by many people, hotellier, and other organisations.
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