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Bibliotheca Phycologica

Volume 082: Therezien,Y.: Algues d'eau douce de la partie Amazonienne de la Bolivie. 1: Cyanophycees, Euglenophycees, Chrysophycees, Xanthophycees, Dinophycees. 2: Chlorophytes: Troisieme Contribution. 1989. 2 maps. 3 tabs. 11 pls. 140 p. gr8vo. Paper bd.
The author carries on his study of freshwater algae in the Amazonian part of Bolivia and takes up now that of Cyanophyceae, Chrysophyceae and Dinophyceae. Further information are also given concerning Euglenophyceae (an article has already been published about Trachelomonas, Coute et Therezien, 1986) and Xanthophyceae (an article has been published, Therezien, 1987a). In the present study, the author cites 20 Cyanophyceae, 64 Euglenophyceae, 5 Chrysophyceae, 3 Xanthophyceae and 9 Dinophyceae, that is a total of 101 taxa. Among them 11 are new: 2 Cyanophyceae, 7 Euglenophyceae, 1 Xanthophyuceae, 1 Dinophyceae.
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