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CLEMENTS, Mark Alwin

Catalogue of Australian Orchidaceae. 1989.(Austra- lian Orchid Research, vol. 1). 6 figs. (line-drawings). 1 map. 160 p. gr8vo. Paper bd.
The status of all Australian Orchidaceae, including those found in the external territories, has been reviewed. The work is principally a new assessment of all Australian orchids based on the author's viewing of the types, coupled with knowledge of the taxa in the living state. All taxa and their synonyms are listed in their reviewed state. Information on the types, their location and the distribution of each taxon is presented here. Dendrobium cacatua, D. capitisyork, D. dolichophyllum, D. melaleucaphilum, Pterostylis arenicola, P. aspera, P. calceolus, P. chaetophora, P. ciliata, P. cobarensis, P. concava, P. insectifera, P. leptochila, P. lingua, P. macrocalymma, P. maxima, P. picta, P. praetermissa, P. procera, P. roensis, P. sanguinea, P. spathulata, P. taurus, P. tunstallii, Trachoma speciosum and T. stellatum are described as new. The status of forty-one taxa has been changed. These are listed in Appendix 4. The intergeneric hybrid X Calassodia is described as new for a natural cross between Caladenia and Glossodia.
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