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Legumes of Africa. A check-list. 1989. VII,619 p. gr8vo. Paper bd.
The family Leguminosae contains many species of economic importance in Africa. Many tropical timbers originate from leguminous rain-forest trees. In the drier zones, many members of the family are important forage plants, and others yield useful gums. In the Mediterranean climatic zones at the north and south of the continent, members of the family are often important constituents of dry scrublands, providing animal browse as well as being attractive components of the landscape. A few species are valuable food crops, and many more are cultivated as ornamentals. Recent floras, and revisions of some of the larger genera, have brought our knowledge of African legumes to a state where a check-list provides a valuable summary of current information and highlights objectives for further work. The International Legume Database and Information Service project has provided the stimulus to the compilation of this list, which covers the whole of mainland Africa, Zanzibar, Pemba, Socotra, the Cape Verde Islands and the islands of the Gulf of Guinea. The available information is presented for all 5825 taxa (species and subspecies).
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