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Contribution to the Knowledge of the Mycoflora of Kriti Island (Hellas) Taxonomic and Floristic Study of the Uredinales. 1986. (Thesis). 1 map. 238 figs. 256 p. gr8vo. Paper bd. - In Greek, with summary in English and Latin nomenclature.
The rust flora of the island of Crete (Kriti) was studied from the taxonomic and floristic point of view. Most of the material was collected from April to July in the years 1977-1983. The collecting period was extended to March or October occasionally. Several localities throughout Crete were visited but only the western part of the island was extensively investigated. The total number of specimens studied are 354, embracing 93 taxa of rust fungi living on 158 host plants and 160 "rust-host combinations" are mentioned. All specimens are deposited in the mycological herbarium of the Botanical Museum in Athens University (ATHU-M).
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