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The Mountain Vipers of the Middle East-The Vi- pera Xanthina Complex (Reptilia, Viperidae). 1986. (Bonner Zoologische Monographien, 20). 33 figs. 90 p. gr8vo. Paper bd.
Contents (partly): Material and Measurements/ Statistical Techniques/ Analysis of Morphological Characters (Size/ Relative length of tail/ Ventrals/ Preventrals/ Subcaudals/ etc.)/ Analyses of Population System (Species-groups/ Morphometric Analyses/ Intraspecific Variation and Taxonomic Considerations)/ Species Account (Vipera albicornita/ Vipera bornmuelleri/ Vipera bulgardaghica/ Vipera latifii/ Vipera raddei raddei / Vipera raddei kurdistanica ssp.n./ Vipera wagneri/ Vipera xanthina)/ Key to the Species of the xanthina Complex/ Phylogenetic Relationships/ Theories of Evolutionary Patterns/ Future Dispersals/ Occurrence of Sympatric Vipers/ Literature Cited.
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