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Heft 096: Corner,E.J.H.:Ad Polyporaceas V. The genera Albatrellus,Boletopsis,Coriolopsis (dimitic),Cristelloporia, Dia- canthodes,Elmerina,Fomitopsis (dimitic), Gloeoporus, Grifola, Hapalopi- lus, Heterobasidion, Hydnopolyporus, Ischnoderma, Loweporus, Parmastomy- ces, Perenniporia, Pyrofomes, Stecchericium, Trechispora, Truncospora and Tyromyces. 1989. 20 figs. 218 p. gr8vo. Cloth.
Introduction: In this contribution I conclude the account of monomitic and dimitic non-xanthochroic polypores, so far as I have met with them. A final contribution will deal with the majority of trimitic species assembled as Trametes, and it will provide the opportunity to review generic relationships. I have dealt with the genera in a rather off-hand way because of the many collections annd copious notes that I have, and the tenure of life and sight is uncertain. In the course of the work it has become clear that various genera are vaguely, even arbitrarily, defined and of unequal content, and that, in consequence, allied species come to be widely separate. The main purpose, however, has been to provide descriptions of living tropical polypores.
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