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The Phytochemistry of the Flora of Qatar. 1986. 80 coloured photographs. many tabs. & formulas. XII,582 p. gr8vo. Cloth.
Contents: Chemical Constituents of the Flora of Qatar and Other Related Plants/ Distribution of Different Constituents in the Plants of Qatar (Terpenoids and steroids/ Flavonoids/ Coumarins/ Organic acids/ Quinones/ Alkaloids/ Glucosinolates/ Cyanogenic glycosides/ Iridoid glycosides)/ Glossary of medical terms/ References/ Index of botanical names/ Subject index. - The flora of Qatar comprises 301 species in 207 genera and 55 families, the details of which have been published as a book entitled "Ecology and Flora of Qatar". This book deals with the chemical constituents of these plants. In addition, data available from the literature concerned with the flora of Qatar has been consulted for background information and to provide information about their chemical constituents; especially the active principles. The book covers all the available information concerning the chemical constituents of the flora of Qatar until June 1984 with references exceeding 4300 titles. The book also throws light on the species which have not yet been investigated, but from the literature and early findings they may be of value as medicinal plants. - Second hand copy.
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