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Heft 087: Arx, J.A. von: Plant Pathogenic Fungi. 1987. 105 figs. 288 p. gr8vo. Paper bd.
Contents: Introduction/ The classification of fungi/ The names of the fungi/ Myxomycota/ Chytridiomycota/ Oomycota/ Zygomycota/ Ascomycota/ Basidiomycota (Ustomycetes/ Urediniomycetes/ Basidiomycetes)/ Deuteromycetes/ Sterile Fungi/ References/ List of botanical names of host plants with common equivalents/ List of common host names with botanical equivalents/ Index of fungal names. - Moulds are the main object of this book Several text books on Mycology have been written in the course of the years and numerous treatises on Plant Pathology exist. The present publication is a combination of both and may be useful not only to both plant pathologists and mycologists, but also to agronomists, foresters, microbiologists and all interested in fungi and fungal diseases.
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