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The Ferns and Fern-allies of Costa Rica, Panama, and the Choco. Part 1:Psilotaceae through Dicksoniaceae. 1989. (Pterido- logia, Vol. 2A). 562 line figures. 364 p. gr8vo. Paper bd.
Contents: Introduction/ List of the families, genera, and subgenera/ Key to the families/ Floristic treatments: Psilotaceae/ Lycopodiaceae/ Selaginellaceae/ Isoetaceae/ Equisetaceae/ Ophioglossaceae/ Marattiaceae / Osmundaceae/ Plagiogyriaceae/ Schizaeaceae/ Parkeriaceae/ Adiantaceae/ Vittariaceae/ Pteridaceae/ Loxsomaceae/ Hymenophyllaceae/ Gleicheniaceae / Polypodiaceae/ Cyatheaceae/ Dicksoniaceae. - From the Introduction: I recognize about 1100 taxa in 117 genera, and new species or species new to the area still are discovered from time to time. Species that became known to me after the plates were assembled (e.g. 137a Llavea cordifolia) are given "a" numbers. They and a few others are not illustrated. Judging by the rate of discovery, the Flora appears to be at least 90% complete. The relatively little-known Atlantic slope of the mountains from Central Costa Rica to Central Panama is most likely to yield new discoveries and should have first priority in future exploration.
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