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Contribution to the Vietnamese islands flora and vegetation. (Materialy Po Flore i Ra- stitelnosti Ostrovnogo Vietnama). 1988. 189 p. 4to. Paper bd. - In Rus- sian, with 12 pages of summary in English.
From the summary: This preliminary paper is the botanical part of the report of the joint Soviet-Vietnamese expedition on the scientific vessel of the Academy of Science of the USSR "Academician Alexander Vinogradov" according to UNESCO programme "Man and Biosphere". Our work is based on geobotanical studies and herbarium which was collected in some islands and coastal regions of Vietnam. The most important part of the paper is a list of species of higher plants gathered during this voyage. The largest taxa in the list are placed on system, but families, genera and species are arranged in the alphabetical order. Information about life form, ecology, locality, collection number and place where herbarium sheets are kept for every species is given. Names of probably new species for the Vietnamese flora are marked in the list with an asterisk, new nomenclatural combinations are marked with two asterisks, and suppositional new species for science - with three ones.
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