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Book ID:  038851
Luer, Carlyle A.

Icones Pleurothallidinarum. Vol.05: Systematics of Dresslerella and Scaphosephalum. Addenda to Porroglossum.1988.(Monogr. Syst.Bot.Miss.Bot.Gdn.,26) Approx. 44 pls. (line- drawings). distrib.maps. 111 p. gr8vo. Paper bd.
Contents: Systematics of the genus Dresslerella/ Key to the species of Dresslerella/ The species of Dresslerella/ Index to the scientific names in Dresslerella/ Systematics of the genus Scaphosepalum/ Epithets published in Scaphosepalum/ Key to the species of Scaphosepalum/ The species of Scaphosepalum/ Index to the scientific names in Scaphosepalum/ Addenda to Porroglossum.
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