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LOON, J.Chr. van

A Cytotaxonomical Atlas of the Balkan Flora. 1987. (Cytotaxonomical Atlases, vol. 4). XXVII, 416 p. gr8vo. Paper bd.
Comprises chromosome counts on plants from the Balkan Peninsula only. The Balkan Peninsula area covers Yugoslavia (Slovenia, Croatia, Dalmatia, Serbia, and Montenegro), Albania, Greece (Macedonia, Thessalia, Peloponeses, the Islands,including Crete), Bulgaria. European Turkey is excluded. The richness of the Balkan flora, ca. 6500 species as estimated by Turrill (1929), is due to several conditions as: 1. an old flora with many species already dating from the Tertiary, 2. the change in extent and level of the Mediterranean Sea, 3. the migration of elements from other floras, like Pontic and European, 4. the inevitable influence of man. An extensive survey of these phenomena is given by Turrill (1929), and Polunin (1980).
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