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Variation of basidiospores in the Hymenomycetes and its significance to their taxonomy. With an appendix by T.Moels. 1987. (Bibl.Mycologica, Bd. 115). 1 fig. 36 tabs. 167 p. gr8vo. Paper bd.
From the introduction: ... the main task of this paper follows: to give a general picture of what we know at the present on the variation of spores in the Hymenomycetes with the aim of enabling a critical and reasoned use of these data in the taxonomy of these fungi. We confined ourselves only to the application of elementary statistics and such statistical techniques which are feasible for every biologist lacking special knowledge of biometry. - Contents (partly): Symbols and Abbreviations/ Introduction/ Acknowledgements/ Variation of Basidiospores/ Results and Discussion/ Biological Meaning of the Results and their Applicability in Taxonomy/ Variation of Spores in the Non-Hymenomycetous Fungi/ Conclusion/ Literature.
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