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Flora of Australia

Volume 003. 1989. 24 figs. 36 pls. 183 distrib.maps. XVI,219 p. gr8vo. Cloth.
Nine families make up Volume 3 of the Flora of Australia containing in all 153 species in 31 genera. The largest family is Casuarinaceae with 66 species, mostly in the genus Allocasuarina (sheoaks). Next is Moraceae with 47 species in 7 genera, including the figs. The nettle family, Urticaceae, contains 21 species in 9 genera. The other six families have fewer than 10 species each but include both tropical and temperate rainforest plants as well as naturalised species. Overall, the volume describes plants from most areas of Australia. A number of taxa are here described for the first time.
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