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"Contributions to Knowledge of the Orchid Flora of Sumatra" (1911), being a Translation from Engler's Beiblatt zu den Bota- nischen Jahrbuechern, No. 104 (1911), p. 1-61. Edited and translated by H.J.Katz and J.T.Simmons. 1986. IV,55,I p. 4to. Paper bd.
Genera dealt with in alphabetical order: Acanthephippium Bl./ Acriopsis Reinw./ Agrostophyllum Bl./ Arachnanthe Bl./ Bulbophyllum Thou./ Calanthe R.Br./ Ceratostylis Bl./ Coelogyne Lind./ Cymbidium Sw./ Cystorchis Bl./ Dendrobium Sw./ Dendrochilum Bl./ Eria Lindl./ Grammatophyllum Bl./ Habenaria Willd./ Liparis L.C.Rich./ Microstylis Nutt./ Nervilia Comm./ Oberonia Lindl./ Oxyanthera Brogn./ Paphiopedilum Pfitz./ Phaius Lour./ Pholidota Lindl./ Phreatia Lindl./ Podochilus Bl./ Polystachya Hook./ Saccolabium Bl./ Sarcochilus R.Br./ Spathoglottis Bl. / Taeniophyllum Bl./ Thrixspermum Lour./ Trichoglottis Bl./ Vanda R.Br.
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